The oldest bicycle in the world

Do you know the oldest bicycle in the world? Many parties claim the longest bicycle in the world. However, the first claim appeared in 1493. The bicycle was displayed in the window of the Church in Stoke Poges.

What is the shape of the bicycle? The bicycle shows an angel who is using a bicycle device. This is based on a sketch in 1493 that is thought to belong to Gian Giacomo Caprotti or well-known by the name Salaino which means devil, the pupil of Leonardo da Vinci.

Many people doubt the authenticity of the sketch, but many observers glorify this theory. However, the authenticity of the bicycle sketch is still firmly maintained by followers of Professor Augusto Marinoni, a linguist, and philosopher.

He was trusted by the Commissioner Vinciana of Rome to analyze Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus transcript.
There is also the recognition of Baron Karl von Drais from Germany in 1817 who introduced Laufmashine or running bicycle.

Now, people are more familiar with the bicycle by the name of Draisienne. The bicycle is almost entirely made of wood. Despite having handlebar for steering, this bike does not have pedals. So, the Draisienne movement pattern is the same as an otoped or skateboard.
Knowing history is truly amazing.

How human culture from ancient times can develop until now, all thanks to the wisdom given by God into the human brain to work. Because our Lord Himself is the most amazing Creator.