Nutrition and Benefits of Chia Seeds for Body Health

benefits of chia seeds water
benefits of chia seeds water

Have you ever heard of chia seeds? Chia seeds are still not easy to get on the market. But the benefits for the body turned out amazing.

Chia seeds are seeds of plants, a type of mint plant, namely Salvia Hispanica. Chia is widely grown in Central America. Although small, the nutritional content and benefits of chia can compete with other great seeds such as flaxseed or sesame seeds.

The nutritional content of chia seeds
Taylor Wolfram, a dietitian from Academy Nutrition And Dietetics mentions the superiority of the nutritional content of chia, namely:

Omega 3
Omega-3 content in chia is quite high when compared to other grains. So from now on, chia is also much processed into chia seed oil which has an omega-3 content.
The fiber content is 10 grams, equivalent to two tablespoons of chia, is high compared to other types of grains. This is certainly very good for meeting the body’s daily fiber intake.
The mineral content in chia is complete, namely iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
The health benefits of chia seeds
Until now not many large-scale studies that focus on examining the benefits of chia consumption for health. However, several studies that use chia as a diet intake show good results from consumption of chia, namely:

Help reduce body cholesterol
Reducing triglyceride levels in the body, as well
Able to control blood pressure

The three benefits are obtained from the presence of nutrients and minerals present in chia.

How to consume chia seeds
The benefits of chia consumption will certainly be felt if we consume them in sufficient quantities.

Consumption of more than 2-3 tablespoons of chia in one day. Use chia as a raw material for salads, juice topping to cereal.

Well, now, you are interested in trying to consume chia seeds