Did You Know The World’s Oldest Motorcycle

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A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle driven by an engine. Who already knows what the oldest motorbikes in the world look like? The oldest motorcycle in the world was originally developed by a company called Michaux ex Cie, in 1868. The company developed steam power to drive bicycles.

Research continues, namely Edward Butler, a British inventor who made the first three-wheeled motorcycle.

Improvements in engine design were carried out by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach from Germany. They both set up workshops in Stuttgart in 1880, then in 1885, they created the first carburetor in the world.

They developed a four-stroke engine into a 100 cc cylinder and placed it on a wooden bicycle. This wooden-engined bicycle is called the Reitwagen (“riding car”) and is the first motorcycle in the world.

In 1890 William S Harley made a forerunner motorbike that would become the current Gede Motor, Harley Davidson. This product, sold in bulk by the Harley Davidson series, was sold in 1907 with Strap Tank type.

At that time, Harley Davidson was more like an ordinary two-wheeled bicycle, with a combination of gray in its entire body. A seat that reminds us of the bicycle that we know today.

The motor that is slightly younger than the manufacturer of Harley Davidson is the Winchester output motor that was marketed in 1910.

This motorbike carries the Marsh-Metz engine which is capable of producing a maximum of 6 Horse Power, where the front and the rear-wheel-drive uses a belt drive. And use manual power or pedal when it runs out of fuel.

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