Black Tea Can Make Healthy Hair

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People tend to only know two types of tea, sweet tea, and bitter tea. In fact, in reality, there are so many teas that we can enjoy, namely green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and so forth. If green tea is widely known as a drink that can make us more relaxed, then black tea which is equally delicious can also provide other benefits for our body, which can make our hair stay healthy. How can tea make our hair healthier?

Overcoming dandruff
Dandruff is one of the most annoying hair health problems. Not only makes our hair itch, but dandruff will also make us produce a white powder which would be embarrassing if it fell onto our shoulders. By using black tea on our hair, we will be better at stopping the production of stubborn dandruff.

Overcoming Branched Hair
One characteristic of unhealthy hair is branching and damaged hair. Hair will certainly look more tangled, limp, and does not support our physical appearance at all. Try to use black tea as a hair mask on a regular basis and the problem of split ends will decrease.

Overcoming Hair Loss
Black tea turned out to contain dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is very good in reducing the problem of hair loss. By routinely wearing a hair mask or soaking the hair in black tea at least once a week, this hair loss problem will soon be reduced.

Hair Is Easier to Arrange and Maintain Color
Routinely wearing a hair mask from black tea will make our hair look neater and more manageable, not only that, black tea will apparently nourish our hair to be healthier and the original color is maintained.

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